Sunday, October 31, 2010


Lets play a game
Its just me and you
I'll pretend to hate you
You'll pretend to love me
In the end we'll both lose
Because were cheating ourselves of this reality

Reality is we're thrill seekers
We enjoy the thrill of it all
You like when I curse you out Cuz you've been M.I.A all day
For some reason it strokes your ego to know I actually care

I like when we go out and youngins all in your face
Then I get mad when your only giving them grace
In all honesty it turns me on that I got something they want

We consistently try to "one up" one another
But for what....whats the point of trying to win
if by winning we ultimately lose

So with that being said im tired of playing
Today im getting up from this table
If you still wanna play....well play wit yourself
You were always good at it anyways

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