Saturday, November 20, 2010


This aint no morning after shit
Im Over that
Cuz as soon as i turnt my fly on
you start fuckin biting ughh
Wassup wit that ?
How you feeling ?
Cuz your actions speaking words unsaid
Naw not really
i live for you too much
even though your teeth crooked
and your dreads need to be retouched
I guess its your aura
Never cared bout your coins but
Im asking wat can they do for me
They cant even buy you honesty
You reach the top with me
them other ones like a mop to me
You just going swap n BEAT
Im Bergdorf they just the swap and MEET
But its cool I know you still get your life off me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Morning After (song)

The Morning After

Last night you let your liquor talk for you
While your soul whispered in my ear
Your eyes became the window to a soul
I haven’t seen come round here

In so long
Yeah I forgot how good it felt
Just to vibe in your presence
Your heart kept a fire warm
(but let me not get too close)
I still remember the burns of your essence

And that’s what keeps me wondering “The Morning After”

Did you really mean all those things,You said to me?
Or were there lies behind the honestyThat your eyes sold.
Two hearts in jeopardy,
While the music played I think time froze

But last night…
You gave me life
Since we fell off shit hadn’t been right for me
But last night ….
I could see right through you

And that’s what keeps me wondering “The Morning After”

Its not like im dumb
Im just a sucker for love
And I could, suck for us
Whatever that’s made of

Don’t know but I wanna,wanna
Sex,Lies Watever
Miss how you moved your tongue but… I guess I keep wondering the morning after.

That’s what keeps me wondering “The Morning After”

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Till Your Return

I know your on your way now, Love
Remember when we were, Such
Good friends back when I was yours,and you were mine
Those times seem so far now

As I sit in this house drinking up 
All the bottles you couldnt pack up
I wonder if you forgot them on purpose
cuz you kno just how worry some,
I'd be till your return

What do I do till you get here ?
How long should I wait for you?
I know that your coming
Just want you to hurry.

Its killing me to wait for you.