Friday, October 29, 2010

Him VS. Me

I'm laying awake right now
Cuz my dreams haunt me
Your in them
Looking as beautiful as ever
Only probelm is you don't want me

You've got your eye on a prize
And tru I'm handsome
But you can't mold me the way you want
Even if you use your hands some

I can't be him
I can't put each leg in front of another
Can't walk like him
Can't talk like him

But I got my own lil baritone
And my conversation sparks like shit

So ask yourself
Is he in it for the long run like me
When u with him Do you have fun
like me
Do he make u laugh
Like me
Can he pick you up when you crash
Like me

If you can't say yes
to all these things
maybe u need to be
with me

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