Monday, January 24, 2011


Heart hurts more than words can say 
so forgave me if the things I say 

dont represent a person like me 
and the things im doing aint in a person like me 

but im changing and its cool i guess 
gettin sexual rather than play the fool i guess 

stucking wondering if life is anything more than sex 
will talkin on the phone ever equal more than sex 

am I just acting act cuz i miss you, or are these the changes a man must live thru 
already been thru the heartache and accepted the downfalls that a man must live thru 

probelm is my downfall is you. 
the one in my dreams is you. 

so in your absence this is wat i go thru 
n to get you back aint no tellin wat i go thru 

"no one is inseparable except for us, one of us just gotta pick the phone up" 

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